Spanning research to practice gives us a unique perspective. We conduct research and evaluation with an eye to how findings can be most useful to clients. In turn, our policy consultation and program and product development is informed by our knowledge of academic and applied research. We offer services in:

  Research and Evaluation
  Policy Consultation and Assistance
  Program Planning and Development
  Product Design and Development

Our experience and expertise cover a range of work of interest to states and districts planning and competing for ARRA funds. RMC has a long history of work in pre-K - 12 literacy, mathematics instruction, high school reform and dropout prevention, standards and assessment, program evaluation, and systems of support for low-performing schools and districts. We are eager to apply our knowledge and expertise to assist states and districts.

Featured Work

National Reading Technical Assistance Center: Literacy Webinars
Six archived webinars on literacy are now available online:
The Practices of Successful High-Implementing Reading First Schools
Promising Literacy Instruction Practices for Elementary School English Language Learners
Current Research on Comprehension Instruction 
State Level Literacy Planning, Dissemination, and District Follow-Up 
Higher Education Partnerships: Lessons Learned 
Leadership to Promote Effective Literacy Instruction

Center on Instruction
The U.S. Department of Education's Center on Instruction, operated by RMC, announces three new publications:

Doing What Works
RMC has been developing content for the Doing What Works (DWW) website, translating research to multimedia tools for educators, administrators, and others. Our most recent work explores Response to Intervention, an increasingly popular school improvement model based on universal screening, progress monitoring, and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students. Response to Intervention in Primary Grade Reading and Response to Intervention in Elementary-Middle Mathematics feature interviews with researchers Sharon Vaughn and Russell Gersten as well as talks by state and district leaders experienced in implementing RTI, examinations of key practices, and tools and action templates.

Nurture Nature Center Evaluation

RMC is evaluating a pilot model for engaging communities in developing content for a new science museum. With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Nurture Nature Center in Easton, Pennsylvania, is conducting citizen-scientist forums in three communities in the Lehigh Valley that are prone to flooding. The forums feature science presentations, policy discussions, and suggestions for museum exhibits. In addition to helping shape the museum design, the evaluation will inform reports to local-decision makers on flood-related issues.

Artists Corps
The President's Committee on Arts and Humanities is developing an initiative to create opportunities for artists to work in schools and communities. RMC will be providing research and facilitation support to the committee during the design and development process.