With long histories of work at national, regional, and local levels, RMC's staff members reflect a broad range of expertise. Using sophisticated information and communication technologies, including videoconferencing, Web-based distance learning systems, online and print publishing resources, and analytic tools, we provide services in many areas relevant to priorities under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

Research and Evaluation
RMC has conducted and contributed to major national policy evaluation studies as well as randomized controlled trials and quasi-experimental and qualitative research projects. Our evaluation work encompasses large-scale policy evaluations, formative studies of programs and products, and outcome evaluations for a range of clients and types of projects. As part of our work we develop indicators, observation instruments, interview protocols, surveys, and oversee data collection. Sample projects:

  • Randomized controlled studies on curriculum efficacy of Great Source supplemental educational materials
  • Randomized controlled study of the Ready, Set, Leap reading intervention with low-income inner city preschool students, reviewed on the What Works  Clearinghouse website
  • Evaluation of program efficacy and staff development for the Manchester, NH Early Reading First program
  • Evaluation of the effects of single-sex schools on student outcomes
  • A survey of the first comprehensive descriptive inventory of the U.S. material heritage collections
  • Descriptive and comparative study of out-of-school summer opportunities for students in different socio-economic groups

Policy Consultation and Assistance
With a deep investment of work in educational leadership development and the application of research findings, RMC disseminates evidence-based knowledge, builds expertise and skills in teaching and school management, and refines educational service delivery systems. Sample projects:

  • The New England Comprehensive Center offers state education leaders in New England technical assistance and expertise in areas such as literacy and numeracy, English language learning, Response to Intervention, and statewide systems of educational support
  • National Reading TA Centers provide technical assistance, training, and products on evidence-based reading instruction

Program Planning and Development
RMC has partnered with federal government agencies and a number of state agencies to design and implement programs that target particular needs, such as designing and delivering professional development, planning and implementing support systems that combine in-person and Web-based training, and customizing consultations and materials. Sample projects:

  • Mathematics Resource Center offers professional development in mathematics leadership to coaches and teacher leaders in New York State
  • Doing What Works is an online portal to educational resources for which RMC has developed content for multimedia presentations on English language learning,    algebra, adolescent literacy, early literacy, and other topics
  • Management of the U.S. Education Department's Blue Ribbon Schools Program entails vetting nominated schools, conducting and documenting site visits, and hosting an annual awards ceremony

Product Design and Development
Our in-house creative team translates research into print and online materials for diverse audiences such as parents, legislators, and educators. Sample projects:

  • The Center on Instruction synthesizes key research findings in monographs and presentation materials on instruction in reading, mathematics, science, and special education and English language learning
  • National Institute for Literacy products distill research on learning to read for parents, teachers, and childcare workers
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